In 2001 the department began supplementing the volunteers with part-time workers during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The part-time firefighters were needed to help answer an average call load of 375 calls per year.  We currently provide first responder care, as well as fire and rescue services within our community.

The department currently provides Granite Quarry and its surrounding areas with 24-hour coverage. Currently we employee three full-time firefighters working a rotating 24 hour schedule, and eight part-time firefighters.

The Town of Granite Quarry provides the Fire Department with the some of the most modern firefighting equipment the fire service has to offer: two 1994 Pierce Dash Pumpers, a 2001 F-350 crew-cab rescue vehicle, and a 2005 Ford Explorer command vehicle are all part of the apparatus resource list.
The Granite Quarry Fire Department was formed in early 1950 and P. H. Lyerly, Jr. was appointed as the first Fire Chief.  It was determined that 50 men would be needed to assure a response of 10 firefighters for a fire reported in the town.

Training Fire / Old 80  On May 15, 1950 the first meeting was called to order and Chief Lyerly ordered Hoover Lingle to report on a fire school held in Charlotte, N.C.  After completing his report the Fire Department held it’s first training drill.

On November 20, 1950 the Town Board entertained the Granite Quarry Fireman with a BBQ dinner and invited Salisbury City Fire Chief C. L. Burkett to the event as a guest speaker.  A business meeting was held after the entertainment to establish the third Monday of each month as the official training night of the Granite Quarry Fire Department.

Today the Granite Quarry Fire Department is proud to still have a membership of 50 firefighters and medical responders.  Our department has been built on tradition, faith, family, and a progressive mindset that centers around firefighter safety. 
A Brief History of the Granite Quarry Fire Department