Junior Firefighter of the Year- Trevor Scully
Rookie of the Year- Jason Verbeke
Veteran of the Year- Sean Dunham
Officer of the Year- Carole Dellinger

Junior of the Year-Chase Lyerly
Rookie of the Year-Kevin Burges
Veteran of the Year-Sean Dunham
Officer of the Year-Mark Troublefield

Junior of the Year-Andrew Ciaramello
Rookie of the Year-Cameron Lapham
Veteran of the Year-Kevin Strobel
Officer of the Year-Brian Peeples

Junior of the Year- Chris Streetman
Rookie of the Year-Ryan Tillis
Veteran of the Year-Charlie Drury
Officer of the Year-Jake Chambers

Junior of the Year- Eric Beaver
Rookie of the Year-John Cannon
Veteran of the Year-Mark Troublefield
Officer of the Year-Brian Peeples